Acoustic Tile & Panels

Acoustic Ceilings

Prime Construction believes the ceiling is the best space to fine-tune noise control. We are highly experienced in installing acoustical ceilings, which can offer many benefits to both private and commercial locations and play a key role in improving the indoor environmental quality and acoustics of any space. Applying the right surface finishes can result in improved sound absorption, sound attenuation and aesthetics. These acoustic ceiling tiles continue to grow in popularity and work best for those seeking sound absorbing, high quality tiles for use in the ceiling. They come in a variety of textures and colors and are easy to fix and replace; offer heat insulation; and also resistance against fire and sagging.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustical wall panels are sound absorbing panels that can be mounted directly to the walls or ceilings of a building. These are essential in commercial settings to reduce noise and ensure clear communication by absorbing unwanted noise and enhancing sound transmission. These panels are especially useful in establishments like schools, auditoriums, offices and healthcare facilities.