Prime Construction Services uses fireproofing as a passive fire protection measure, helping to make materials and structures more fire-resistant. We apply a certification listed fireproofing system to certain structures which allows them to have a fire-resistance rating. This also includes using non-combustible materials, as stone, brick, iron, cement, and concrete during construction. We guarantee the following minimum Fire Resistive Ratings:

  • 4 hours: exterior walls, fire walls, party walls, piers, columns, girders carrying columns
  • 3 hours: other girders, fire partitions, floors including their beams and girders, beams, roofs, and floor fillings, required stairway enclosures (other than in schools and structures under 100’ high)
  • 2 hours: exterior panel walls, required stairways in schools and structures less than 100’ in height
  • Permanent interior partitions will be constructed of incombustible materials